What is land clearing?

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Spring has arrived in the stunning mountains of Western North Carolina! With the warmer months quickly approaching you will also see a rise in outdoor projects of all sizes. While NC Grading & Excavating works year-round the winter months can slow jobs due to the weather. Nevertheless, with the winter behind us, we will be gearing up for another great year. Spring is the perfect time to begin the process of land clearing. Therefore, today we would like to answer the question, “What is land clearing?”

What is land clearing?

Land clearing is the process of taking a parcel of land and cleaning it up. It can be any area where there is a lot of growth that needs to be developed. One cannot simply walk into an area and begin building a home or other structure due to trees, shrubs, stumps, large stones, and other natural elements. Instead, these need to be removed and the land prepared for grading. Land clearing is the first step in any building process from large too small.

Is land clearing new?

Clearing land is not a product of our recent generations. The process in which we clear land for development has changed drastically to include heavy equipment but it has been around since ancient times.

In fact, when settlers first moved into Western North Carolina they were stunned by the number of trees in this area. They had to battle nature extensively to create open areas to build upon.

One way they accomplished this was via a process called tree girdling. Tree girdling is when a section of bark is removed completely around a tree to kill it. This was a slow process but effective.

Today we have all kinds of equipment to speed up this process and clear land quickly compared to our ancestors. NC Grading & Excavating has the most updated equipment at our disposal to help you in any of your land clearing needs.

Reasons for Land Clearing

The number one reason for clearing land is that it makes it usable.  Land clearing increases marketability if you are planning to sell the lot and/or acreage.

Beyond that, it can also promote safety. When land near homes or developments is left unattended it can create many dangers and hazards. For example, you will find rotting or dying trees that can fall on surrounding structures. Often areas such as these become dump sites for garbage or a place for squatters to stay. You never really know what could be on your land until you walk it and begin clearing it.

Proper land clearing is also an excellent way to promote safety from fire hazards. In recent years we have been witness to the rise in wildfires throughout the United States. When undergrowth is left unattended it becomes fodder for these fires to spread quickly resulting in the loss of both lives and property.

Clearing the land will also promote healthy tree growth. Trees that you do want on your property can be left behind. Once those trees no longer must compete with a mass of undergrowth, etc. they can thrive. This also gives property owners the opportunity to get rid of diseased trees and plants to prevent them from spreading.

Land clearing isn’t just for building and construction projects though. Land can also be cleared for the use of farming or even logging.

Can I clear land myself?

You can certainly clear land yourself, but it will most likely take you a long time.

Land clearing is a difficult and time-consuming task even with today’s technology and equipment. To efficiently clear land you need a variety of heavy equipment and experience. Even cutting down a single tree can be dangerous, and we do not recommend you do it alone.

If you have a lot that needs to be cleared for either commercial or residential use contact us today. NC Grading & Excavating serves the counties of Buncombe, Haywood, Jackson, Swain, and Macon. We are family owned and operated and take pride in being experts in our industry to meet all your grading and excavating needs.



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