What are the benefits of hydroseeding

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Are you craving a rich, lush lawn that will make your neighbors envious? Then NC Grading & Excavating has a solution for you, hydroseeding!  Hydroseeding is a cost-effective and fast solution that will achieve the lawn you have always desired. If you compare the cost of sod and the labor-intensive procedure of hand-seeding it is easy to understand why hydroseeding is the best choice. Let’s look at the advantages.

What is hydroseeding?

Before we dive too deep into the advantages of hydroseeding let’s pause and gain a clear perspective of what hydroseeding is.

Hydroseeding is the process of seeding an area with grass seed via a slurry mixture out of a machine. Within the slurry are:

  • Grass Seeds
  • Mulch
  • Lime
  • Tackifiers
  • Moisture Retention Polymers
  • Bio-stimulants

Once sprayed onto an area this mixture sticks to the ground and provides quick germination of the grass seeds.

Hydroseeding is a Fast Solution for Lawns

As stated, the special slurry mixture with the grass seed provides quick germination and this typically happens within 7-14 days. Within a month you can expect to begin performing regular maintenance of your lawn via landscaping and mowing.

Laying down sod can leave unsightly lines throughout your lawn for a longer stretch of time. Hand sewing grass seed and installing sod are also both labor intensive which can drive up costs quickly.

Hydroseeding is Cost-Effective

The more labor a project requires the more expensive it will be in the end. Hydroseeding your land will reduce this cost and allow you to put those funds to use elsewhere.

Along with saving on labor hydroseeding is an economical choice because it is anywhere from 50-80% less than the cost of sod. When compared to hand sewing your lawn which can easily take up to half of your day, hydroseeding can be completed in an hour or two depending on how large of an area you need to be done.

Time has value not only for contractors but for you as a property owner as well.

Quality and Coverage

One of the best benefits of hydroseeding is that it can be applied to almost any kind of area. Since it is sprayed in a liquid form it can adhere to most anything it touches. This is not true for sod because it is already pre-cut and has form.

Because the coverage of hydroseeding is looser it can get into the smaller cracks of the soil. This allows for more even coverage. Thus, in turn, the roots can reach deep into the soil securing the germinating seeds.

With the seeds germinating in the soil that it will be growing in adds the benefit of a more natural growth environment. When sod has been transplanted the grass that has already been growing can experience the shock of new soil thus creating issues.

Water Retention

Hydroseeding has been proven to hold up to 10 times its own weight in water. The ability to retain water allows for the seeds to grow quickly and have a higher chance of survival than other methods. The slurry mix holds the seeds in place while also providing the needed nutrients and water needed to become healthy. The mixture is self-sufficient and will quickly provide you with a lawn that you will be thrilled to show off.

It is easy to see why hydroseeding is an excellent choice for any property. It is fast, cost-effective, and provides amazing coverage and quality. Hand sewing grass seed or laying down sod is time-consuming and expensive. Although, hydroseeding does not look attractive at first it yields a superior lush lawn for all your neighbors to be jealous of. NC Grading & Excavating serves western NC and we are proud to offer our clients this service. Springtime is the best time to conduct hydroseeding on your property, so contact us today to get started!

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