The Science Behind a Quality Housepad

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Have you purchased a tract of land that you plan on developing for a home or business? Let NC Grading and Excavating help you get started! Before a foundation can be poured, you must make sure you have a sturdy and level house pad, to begin with. Today, we want to share with you the science behind a quality house pad.

Hire a Reputable Grading Contractor

Don’t be tempted in thinking that you can prepare a site and building pad on your own. It takes experience and heavy equipment to complete the work that is needed.

By the time you research, rent equipment, do the work yourself and return it to the dealer, you will have spent more time and money on the project than hiring someone to do it for you.

However, do your homework and thoroughly check out contractors before hiring. Any contractor who is worth their salt will give you a free estimate, the scope of work, and be willing to provide you with references.

Why a Quality Building Pad is Important

It is all about the drainage! Homes and other buildings are built on top of compacted dirt pads that are elevated to allow for water drainage.

Creating a house pad can be a lot of work due to the amount of cutting and filling that may need to be done to ensure the house pad is solid. It is equally as important to have your contractor periodically check the house pad as construction begins.

The house/building pad is the foundation for your foundation, and if any mistakes happen in this phase, they can be costly up front and even more so later down the road.

Land Clearing

Of course, before a house pad can be created, the land has first to be cleared of any obstructions. Natural elements such as trees, low-level growth, and large rocks or boulders need to be removed.

A contractor also needs to inspect the terrain and the quality of the soil in the area. Different types of soil are more easily compacted than others, and your house pad may need additional fill dirt to compensate.

Take note that a decent contractor will not bury any obstructions that they clear either. If they do this, it will be a determinant to the integrity of the house pad.

Proper Drainage and Erosion Control

Any area that has been graded on your property should be able to withstand any type of weather that is thrown at it. The prepared lot should adequately drain water away from the site and not cause erosion.

This may mean that drainage systems are put in such as ducts and ditches to direct the water into chosen locations. No house pad should retain water under any circumstances.

During grading, a quality contractor will prepare the land for ease of maintenance for mowing and landscaping. It is the property owner’s responsibility to establish good ground cover to prevent erosion in the future.

Overall, the real science behind a quality house or building pad lies within the hands of your contractor. It takes years of experience in a variety of areas to have the proper knowledge to prepare the land to be graded and excavated. Not forgetting to mention the expertise required to safely run the heavy equipment needed to complete the scope of work. If you received an estimate that appears to be, “too good to be true,” take that as a warning and look elsewhere.

The building pad of your construction project is critical, and if not created correctly it can lead to financial disaster. Here at NC Grading and Excavating, we offer excellent work and provide free estimates. If you are looking for someone, you can trust to help you begin your construction projects contact us today!

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