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Land Clearing Services

At NC Excavating, Grading & Hydroseeding we use the latest equipment for land development and excavating processes. We provide commercial, residential, and industrial land clearing services. Serving Waynesville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas including Haywood County, Buncombe County, Jackson County, Swain County, and Macon County. You have many options to clearing land. We help you find the most economical method while avoiding extensive damage to the soil and area around the project. We remove stumps, trees, and debris.

When removing the debris you have several options. Pile and Burn, Dig, Burn and Bury, Pile and Leave, or Mulch with a tub grinder. In most cases, the best method is to hire a Bull Dozer Operator to clear the land allowing the debris to be hauled away. After the land is cleared we offer Hydroseeding services. This will promote grass growth within 7-10 days after germination.

We offer a full line of land clearing services including:

Land clearing
Lot Clearing
Large acreage clearing
Development land clearing
Home lot clearing – Residential Land Clearing
Commercial Land Clearing
Road and Driveway Clearing