How much does it cost to grade a driveway? NC Grading and Excavating

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Is your driveway getting holes or ruts? It may be time to grade your drive. NC Grading and Excavating offer grading for driveways and more. So, today we want to answer one of our most commonly asked questions, “How much does it cost to grade a driveway?”

The average cost for grading driveways ranges from about $5-$8 per foot. Thus, the estimate to grading drives typically ranges from $700-$2500. There are many factors that need to be considered as each drive is different, but this is a national average.

Why should I grade my driveway?

Homeowners should consider grading their drives and land around them for many reasons. By properly having your drive and land graded it can save you money, and effort, in the long run.

The number one enemy of soil is erosion by water, especially in sloped areas. And as many of you know that have lived in North Carolina we see a lot of rain, particularly in the summer months.

As it rains drives can quickly turn into small rivulets because water will always travel the path of least resistance. Erosion of the soil pulls away vital nutrients from the surrounding plants and sod on your property. This can effectively kill your plants and carry away any mulch you may have laid around them.

In turn, over time this will cause uneven slopes and gradients. And if you consider that the average cost to re-sod or mulch an area is between $150-$380 each time you can see how quickly this can add up.

Grading your drive can save you money on repairs.

In addition to keeping vital nutrients and mulch around the landscaping of your home grading can save you money on repairs.

If you have ever driven on a rutted-out road or drive, you know that you must take extra care of your vehicle. As a driver, if you hit a deep rut or hole too quickly this can cause your vehicle to be knocked out of alignment. Once your car or truck is out of alignment it will cause uneven wear and tear on your tires. Resulting in the need to repair the alignment and purchase new tires sooner than expected.

Other reasons to consider grading.

If you are thinking about laying down a new load of gravel on your drive, we highly recommend re-grading before doing so. What good will it do to lay down gravel and have it washed away by the next storm that happens upon it?

Also, if you are planning on paving your drive to your home it is necessary to have your roadbed graded before this can happen. Otherwise, the asphalt will quickly bulge and deteriorate.

Can I grade my driveway myself?

It may be tempting to find a way to grade your drive on your own, and it can be done, however, we do not recommend it.

Properly grading a drive requires heavy equipment and knowledge of soils. While you can rent the proper equipment it still requires knowledge and skill to operate it. At the same time, you will be spending time renting the equipment and transporting it to your home and returning it. This is time that could be spent working on other projects or spending time with family.

Furthermore, it requires experience and knowledge to understand the different types of soil and how they interact with areas around it. Some types of soil are more prone to erosion than others and if you use the wrong kind to build up your drive you may have done so in vain.

There is also the issue of not knowing where certain pipes and lines run on your property. A professional grading expert will have the tools necessary to identify these.

NC Grading and Excavating are highly trained professionals who meet all your needs in grading your driveway and more. We are a locally owned company that believes in integrity and we offer competitive pricing to our clients. If you are looking at grading your drive, we will be happy to come out and offer our professional opinion and give you a free estimate. You have nothing to lose so contact us today!

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