How long does it take to grow grass with hydroseed?

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Are you looking for a fuller and lusher green lawn? Or perhaps you have had recent work done on your property, and all you have is bare ground that needs cover to prevent erosion. It would be best if you considered hydroseeding as a solution. “Sounds great, but how long does it take to grow grass with hydroseed?”

What is Hydroseeding?

Before we dive into how long it will take for new grass to grow with the process of hydroseeding, let’s first take a look at what hydroseeding is.

Hydroseeding is, in actuality, called hydraulic mulch seeding. Simply explained, hydroseeding is the process of using a hose to spray a nutrient-rich mixture containing seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and other stuff onto a bare lawn to speed up the growth of grass.

The mixture of stimulants with the grass seeds gives grass a boost to proliferate and take root before it can be washed away. Hydroseeding also retains water, which helps boost the growth of grass. Did you know that hydroseeding can hold up to 10 times its own weight in water?

How long does it take for hydroseed to grow?

There are different types of grass, and each type has differing periods to germinate. However, as a general rule of thumb, hydroseed grass begins to grow between 7-14 days.

Note that hydroseed is not sod, which gives the appearance of being instantaneous, like what you will find installed on golf courses. Grass sod can take root within two weeks, but hydroseeding is a process. It is also important to note that sod is more susceptible to drought than hydroseeding, as well.

In a couple of weeks, you should begin to see a beautiful green lawn, but it will need up to a year to really establish itself.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

You may be asking, “But if it takes longer for hydroseeding to be established, why would I not just buy sod?”

Although sod will give you an “instant” lawn, it is costly and not the most cost-efficient solution.

Hydroseeding, on the other hand, is a medium-priced solution for a lush lawn that is better than trying to seed grass yourself. It gives the grass seeds a fighting chance for survival and proliferates speedily.

Another benefit of hydroseeding is that it is the ideal solution for steep banks and uneven ground because the mixture can be sprayed directly from the truck at a distance. Sod, conversely, has to be installed by hand and takes longer to apply. Hydroseeding ensures that all the ground and its imperfections are covered, and because the hydroseed mixture is sprayed from a truck, it also allows for quick coverage of large areas.

Hydroseeding is not only cost-effective, but it is also effortless to apply and takes little time to do so. On average, if you choose to hand-seed your lawn, it will take you about half a day to complete. Whereas, if you have a contractor hydroseed for you the same job can be completed in about an hour to an hour and a half. Choosing to seed your lawn this way will save you time that you could be doing something else instead.

As you can see, hydroseeding is an excellent solution for all types of lawns and other areas of bare earth. It does not take long to germinate and begin to grow and can be applied quickly.  In addition to its quality, hydroseeding is cost-effective for you to enjoy a green lawn in no time at all. If you are interested in hydroseeding your property contact NC Grading & Excavating today and let us help you achieve the lawn you been looking for!

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